Development and metamorphosis can be challenging and require courage. Especially from the rare leaders who help make progress possible by setting an example and pointing to a clear path to move forward. This power and dignity is truly embodied by MBS, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It’s very well known MBS and the team at the Kingdom’s Ministry have presented a remarkable plan to encourage positive change in all aspects of Saudi life with the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia. Seeing all of the potential and value not just for Saudi Arabia but for the entire world in the Vision 2030, the blooming blog and Initiative Medusaudi have dedicated themselves to helping spread this progressive interfaith message.

Medusaudi hopes to educate about MBS and Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia by communicating NEOM across the globe in a way that’s compelling, inspiring, and fun, helping do whatever is possible to bring worldwide recognition and support to the initiative; which it rightly deserves.

I will become NEOM voice into the world that will connect nations with its wonders,” commended Medusaudi’s founder Maria K. Bakalakou, considering her profile ideal candidate for being an Ambassador of the NEOM project in the globe.

The Medusaudi platform will connect people, information, private sectors and organizations in the modern global terrain of investments in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Through my blog I set myself skillful to unite people that can play a part in the development of NEOM, the ones who may open roads for cultural development and investment opportunities; through my connections and expertise I will showcase investment opportunities and become an incremental part in the continuing development of the Interfaith Dialogue and Cultural Coexistence.

“Our blog is made of love, bridging cultures and knowledge. We are a multicultural team of advanced travelers living a nomadic lifestyle, oriented to several nations, cultural backgrounds, traditions and different religions that are united here in the same mission and objectives.  Joined in one cause, to incorporate and share ideas, to promote solutions on planet’s and communities’ sustainability, aesthetics, harmony and solidarity, my blog is celebrating peace and coexistence. We see this same spirit in Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia, which makes this a very exciting time for us!”

And continues: “The initiative blog Medusaudi is inspired from desire to live in the coastal zone of NEOM city from early stages when I was still proposing a new Monaco in Saudi Arabia; to be able to contribute through any project for the coast and land; to set myself available to participate Saudi programs which shall improve citizens and residents’ lifestyles, through ecosystems development; to be part of the metamorphosis era in which citizens will join constant cultural, environment, and sports activities. I wish to be the first int’l citizen to live in NEOM and contribute in any programs that would welcome my skills and desire.”

Medusaudi makes it clear it is possible to always be respectful to conservative ideas, while at the same time daring to think in new ways and suggesting creative paths. There’s no contradiction and absolutely zero hostility.

These drives go beyond diversity in society it is a kind of attitude and mentality to protect each other, to treat humans and nature equally, to make sure humanity survives in any hostile environments and against the threat of ethnic conflicts. This is an interfaith mission to build a vibrant society sharing common morals and a will to illustrate how these principles apply in practice; a society that contributes to booming industries and creates values for both our generations and the generations to come.

The logo was made by favorite elements, the Medusa’s shape, an ancient talisman to freeze enemies and protect the holders, the columns to prove strength, solid morality and fundamental principles, the distinctive stripes as a classy element to remind of Doric architecture, the Islamic pattern to speak into our hearts and be genuine and the ‘M’ on the header as a mother to all members.

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Florio Fonseca is a science and travel editor for Press Daily who writes about travel, archaeology, paleontology, space and other types of interesting research.