• provides excellent pre-curated, interactive material
  • supports the individual learning progress of each learner
  • motivates learning and provides a vast range of content on curriculum-based subjects
  • is a great tool for independent, fun learning at home

Parents can get a free trial for their children here – Sign-Up.
EAF stated that “The activities (in STEMWerkz) enhance key learning skills such as: observing, recognizing, identifying, and predicting.  The app shows high quality and polish and gamification elements are used in a meaningful way.”

Independent Learning

STEMWerkz provides three modes for learning: Channel, Quests, and STEAMValley. EAF stated, “the user can freely explore the content…and learning is highly interactive. There’s plenty of instructions and encouragement to move forward. In order to progress the user is required to acquire and use new information.”

And EAF praised the flexibility in delivery of learning in these three modes, “Children can choose the topics and ways of what and how they want to learn based on their interests – either studying more casually with the STEAMValley game or choosing a topic that they need to practice from Quests or Channel.

“In STEMWerkz Channel, Quests and Valley, the progress is completely individual. The learner can make all the decisions independently and they can act and progress autonomously. This works well for home learning.”

About Educational Alliance Finland
Education Alliance Finland issues EAF certificates and brings together the Finnish pedagogical expertise from three sources; the Finnish research and learner perception, the experience of Finnish education, and an evaluation platform created by a Finnish company, Kokoa Agency.

About Werkz Publishing
Werkz Publishing Inc. is a Global Digital Science Education Provider, part of the Amdon Group, that provides platforms, content, and professional learning focused on best practices for how people learn science.

Mark Salata, PhD

CEO, Werkz Publishing Inc.



WERKZ Publishing – We are educators, designers, and a technical team who prides themselves on putting pedagogy first

SOURCE Werkz Publishing Inc.

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